Corpus Christi

Oh Most Holy Body and Blood

That I should partake of Thee!

My Dear Lord Jesus Christ

Thank You for offering It to me!

So long ago You gave

This Sacrament Most Divine

At That Glorious Supper

To us, unworthy mankind.

What a Gift of Mercy

That through This Bread and Wine

We commune forever with You

With the Angels, all Choirs Nine.

You Broke the Bread and said

“Do this in memory of Me”

And then Blessed the Wine

It Became Your Blood, To Be.

The Garden

Every morning, early on
As I walk in the garden
My soul finds true peace
I am assured of His Pardon.

Every day I find
A surprise that's brand new
Something newly green
Sent directly from You!

My Lord and my God
Here You can be found
No ill will finds me
Birds the only sound.

Let me bring this peace
To all I meet today
Your beautiful, wondrous Nature
Shows Your Eternal Way!

My Savior

On Good Friday we remember

Our Dear Lord’s Passion and Death

And everything He Suffered

For me, you, and the rest.

Five thousand blows to Your Body!

Oh My Jesus! Such Pain!

And All because You Love us

Let us honor His Holy Name!

His Blessed Dear Head

Pierced with a Crown of Thorns

For all our evil thoughts

For all, ever born.

And the Scourging at The Pillar!

My Jesus, Bloody and Torn!

For all our bad choices

And all of our scorn.

Then You still had Love

To Open Your Arms Wide

An Everlasting Image

When for our sins You Died!



I do not believe that
Our Dear Lord would want to hear
Prayers to Allah the demon
The dark god of hate and fear!

Oh the devil is very clever
There is no doubt of that
My heart trembles with anger
At how he would squash us flat.

Jesus didn't say,
When He was Bloody, Wasted and Gaunt,
Go ahead and pray to whomever
If that's what you really want.

I am sure that He said
I am the Truth and the Way
The One that will suffer for you
So you can see God One Day!

More and more suicides
Poor souls tormented, true
Yes, it's mental illness!
You can thank Allah for that,too!

So if you hear about how
Today all religions are good
Just remember that Satan
Wouldn't die on the Cross if he could.

No, he and all evil spirits
Want you to worship them
I thought we would "never forget"
9/11 - less than 20 years it's been!

Someday everyone who believes
Will no longer have to fight
The onslaught on Our Beloved Savior
The world's Only Light!

Springtime Memories

The mist glows softly
In my memories
Springtime sunshine
Through the budding oak trees.

The snowbanks melting
Into little sparkling streams
Down the streets of my past
In my childhood dreams.

Delicate bells of white
Against dark green leaves
What a wondrous sight!

Lilacs bursting forth
To greet the warming sun
Perfumed lavender clusters
A present from The Only One.

And the light green entrance
A cloud of hope on the trees
How the Glory of Spring
Brings me to my knees!

The ice-filled lakes
Turning shades of blue
I am filled with wonder
How He makes all anew!

The Blood Moon

The moon will soon be eclipsed
And turn to blood red
If only people would think
Upon Jesus' Blood instead.

He created the heavens
And all the planets too
He created our hearts
We create what we do.

All His suffering for us
Out of pure, sweet love
Are we grateful to Him?
For coming down from Above?

Someday I will go back
To that Perfect Abode
I know He will be waiting
To remove this heavy load.

Til then, my Dear Jesus
Stay with me down here
Through every trial and cross
Every eclipse of a sphere.


All religions aim to
Seek out a Higher Being
Christianity is different because
Our God, Who is All-Seeing

Seeks us out instead
Reaching out with Pure Love
His Very Arms stretched wide
Offering The Very Spirit Above

He is always Ready and Willing
To welcome us back home
And embrace our broken souls
So we will never be alone.